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Kolkata - The city of Joy


Kolkata - City of Joy, City of Being Lazy.

Every moment here makes you relive the lazy charm of Kolkata. It was not too late while i realize that the flight was slightly delayed to land at the Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose International Airport. I was last commercial passenger to exit the aircraft. Wait started when the previously filled transit bus had departed and the next one was dure to arrive.

 Meanwhile I enjoyed the wind and weather.
The super active people had not yet restored the display screen of one of the luggage belts, therefore, we were standing in confusion, so as where to expect our baggages. Finally I enjoyed everyone ogling stare at my new VIP Polycarbonate luggage, and the muffled voices in 'Bangaali' were all talking to each other. It dosent stop here.... Mannnnn, I am coming from a flight and am bladder full, please 'do your stuff and move on'... but lazy they..!!

There I found a 'subway' in bangaali airport, another 'misaal' of laziness was just going to be experienced. I asked for a 'shaami-kebab', they started making one plain sandwich. And ask me why, coz., the guy at the counter forgot what I said in an awe to stare at a beautiful Assamese girl. Not my fault, neither his. And he put those shaamis to heat, and asked another fellow to make the sub. This fellow made sure to wash his hand, then pat them dry jerking off the extra water from his fingers, then he rubbed it in a towel, wiped it all dry, took out box of plastic disposable gloves, pulled a pair out of the box, slowly wore them on and then looks towards me and asked. "Sir, What is your order?"...!! Grrrrrr. I was in city of joy, the city of being uber lazy.